Truly value the relationship we have Built!

Our relationship with Russell Stevens and his team at Technical Products & Supply has developed over the last 15 years from IT support to supporting our entire communication network.

They manage every aspect of our communication infrastructure here at John Sisson Motors. Their level of service and dedication has been exceptional in all facets of our business.

We rely heavily on their expertise and truly value the relationship we have built with Technical Products & Supply.

Robyn Dodworth Owner Loyalty Manager
John Sisson Motors

Peace of Mind!

Your professionalism and responsiveness Give us Peace of mind. Essentially having 24/hr access to you and knowing you'll respond is amazing. I know we do not abuse it, but knowing you're there is very comforting.

Technical Products and Supply are very professional, responsive to our needs, and knowledgeable with great follow-up and fair pricing.

I cannot say enough about how much I value our relationship, please give Russ and the team a call.

Greg Norton Owner/President
South Hills Honda

Reasonable costs for high quality services!

 Russ and his team have worked with us on developing a budget and services around what we need instead of trying to sell us bells and whistles that we don’t need. Reasonable costs for high quality services.

Since TP&S is a local company they can be dispatched quickly if there is a problem or if we need them for any reason.

Sit and talk to Russ frankly about what you are looking for, what you want, what you DON’T want, and work it out ahead of time so there are no surprises, but it was definitely worth it for us! 

Natalie J. Ross, MA Executive Director
Washington Communities Human Services

You solve every problem, every time!

You solve every problem, every time, and in both a timely and cost-effective manner.  I never have to wait and suffer down time, and the problem is fixed properly the first time.

Your response time has been exceptional, and I sincerely appreciate being able to count on it

Jump onto the Russ side of the fence!  When I was referred to you initially, your customer (JS) said simply 'call Russ'.  When I asked why, he again said simply 'just call Russ'.  I've never regretted that simple directive.

David F. Tarbert Principal

They know our company!

We like the fact that we talk to the same person every time we call, they know our facility and our company. There is no starting from scratch trying to explain something to a different person every time you call. I can call and say this program is doing whatever and they know what I am talking about because they know our company and the programs we use.

We have been with TP&S for so long. I can't remember who we even used before.

TP&S is a family owned/operated company that brings a personal touch to the service they provide. They are not some large corporate entity that doesn't care about their customers. They take pride in their work and I don't think anyone can beat the knowledge they offer. We have grown with them over the many years They often can resolve a problem remotely without even having to walk into our facility. They are honest and professional and have never left us hanging.

Tim Kilkeary President
Kilkeary's Auto Body Inc.
Customs by Kilkeary

First “IT” experts that really looked at my IT business needs!

Over the years I have dealt with various “IT” companies, whether purchasing computer equipment or problem-solving IT issues. You and your company are the first “IT” experts that really looked at my IT business needs and provided solutions while clearly explaining/training to me and my staff.

In addition to understanding our IT needs and providing solutions, you or one of your staff is always available when we call with questions or require service, typically same day or within 24 hours. This quality of service is very important as my business relies on being “online” as we conduct most of our business via the internet and automation. The fact that you usually can trouble shoot an “IT” problem remotely and immediately is greatly appreciated.

When we were looking to updating our computers and required installation in our new office, our landlord, Union Real Estate, strongly recommended that we contact Technical Products and Supply, as your company has been providing “IT” services and solutions to their business for many years and they have been very satisfied. I am very happy that they referred me to you and I would recommend you to any business in need of “IT” services based on the reasons mentioned above.

L. Edward Lomis, Jr. President
Pittsburgh Property and Casualty, Inc.